Art 1

Art Demonstrations by Mr. Calvin

Color Scheme: Complementary (Seahorse)

Color Scheme: Cool (Sea Shell)

Color Scheme: Monochromatic (Giraffe)

Color Scheme: Warm (Sea Shell)

Color Wheel

Cubby the Bear — Simple Shapes

Daffy Duck -- Hands

Daffy Duck -- Head

Daffy Duck -- Simple Shapes

Dewey Duck -- Hands

Dewey Duck  Head

Dewey Duck — Simple Shapes

Dragon Head

Flounder — Face

Flounder -- Simple Shapes

Mickey Mouse — Simple Shapes

One-Point Perspective -- Four Boxes

One-Point Perspective -- Nine Boxes

One-Point Perspective -- "S"

One-Point Perspective -- Sign with Notches

One-Point Perspective  Stairs

Pluto — Collar

Pluto -- Head

Pluto -- Simple Shapes

Positive / Negative: Dewey

Positive / Negative: Flounder

Positive / Negative: Pluto

Reeko Mortis, Zombie, Part 1, Grid Set-Up

Reeko Mortis, Zombie, Part 2, Pencil Drawing

Reeko Mortis, Zombie, Part 3, Ink

Reeko Mortis, Zombie, Part 4, Chalk

Reeko Mortis, Zombie, Part 5, Blended Chalk

Reeko Mortis, Zombie, Part 6, Re-Ink

Spider-Man — Grid System Drawing

Still-Life: Shoe Simple Shapes

Still-Life: Shrek Simple Shapes

Still=Life: Skull Simple Shapes

Value -- Continuous Value Scale

Value -- Plane Change / Value Change

Value — Pyramid & Cube

Value -- Value Scale

Class Information

Art Class Introduction Video (Download the Art Class Introduction Worksheet)

Art Class Materials Video (Download the Materials List Worksheet)

Class Notes

* Print your Class Notes on a piece of lined paper.

Color Wheel


Drawing Methods

Drawing Secrets

Grading Criteria

Grid Drawing

Grid System Review

How to Blend Chalk

How to Ink Reeko Mortis, Zombie

How to Ink Spider-Man

Learning Review



Disneyworld Animation Academy

Buzz Lightyear

Disney Animation Academy YouTube Channel


Flynn Rider


Jack Skellington

Mickey Mouse, 1920

Mickey Mouse, Modern

Mickey Mouse, Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Minnie Mouse


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Winnie the Pooh

Slideshow Quizzes

* Print your answers for a Slideshow Quiz on a piece of lined paper.

Slideshow Quiz: Animal Skulls

Slideshow Quiz: Monsters, Part 1 (Note the ten words that flash up on the screen during the slideshow.)

Slideshow Quiz: Monsters, Part 2 (Answer the four questions as you watch the zombies being drawn.)

Slideshow Quiz: Monsters, Part 3 (Note the ten words that flash up on the screen during the slideshow.)

Slideshow Quiz: Perspective Introduction

Slideshow Quiz: Shoes

Slideshow Quiz: Still-Life Characters #1

Slideshow Quiz: Still-Life Characters #2

Slideshow Quiz: Value Inspiration — JD Hillberry

Slideshow Quiz: Value Inspiration — Linda Huber

Slideshow Quiz: Value Inspiration — Mr. Calvin

Slideshow Quiz: Value Introduction

Warm-Up Drawings



Chicken and Rooster



Horses and Donkeys


Nine Heads