Videos - Art 1

Video demonstrations done for my junior high art classes, as well as other videos collected and used for instruction and information.

Art 1

Art Class Introduction Worksheet

Art Class Materials — Download a copy of the “Materials List”


Color Wheel

Color Wheel — Notes

Daffy Duck -- Hands

Daffy Duck -- Head

Daffy Duck -- Simple Shapes

Dewey Duck -- Hands

Dewey Duck  Head

Dewey Duck — Simple Shapes


Dragon Head

Flounder — Face

Flounder -- Simple Shapes

Monsters Slideshow Quiz, Part 1 (Note the ten words that flash up on the screen during the slideshow.)

Monsters Slideshow Quiz, Part 2 (Answer the four questions as you watch the zombies being drawn.)

Monsters Slideshow Quiz, Part 3 (Note the ten words that flash up on the screen during the slideshow.)

Nine Heads

One-Point Perspective -- Four Boxes

One-Point Perspective -- Nine Boxes

One-Point Perspective -- "S"

One-Point Perspective -- Sign with Notches

One-Point Perspective: Slideshow Quiz: Perspective Introduction

One-Point Perspective  Stairs

Pluto — Collar

Pluto -- Head

Pluto -- Simple Shapes

Slideshow Quiz: Shoes

Slideshow Quiz: Still-Life Characters #1

Slideshow Quiz: Still-Life Characters #2

Spider-Man — Grid System Drawing

Still-Life: Shoe Simple Shapes

Value -- Continuous Value Scale

Value Inspiration — JD Hillberry

Value Inspiration — Linda Huber

Value — Introduction Slideshow

Value — Mr. Calvin’s Value Examples Slideshow

Value -- Plane Change / Value Change

Value — Pyramid & Cube

Value -- Value Scale


Disney Animation Academy

Buzz Lightyear

Disney Animation Academy YouTube Channel


Flynn Rider

Minnie Mouse


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Sorcerer Mickey Mouse

Winnie the Pooh