Artist of the Year

Each May, the teachers of every department at Syracuse Junior High School select their most outstanding ninth-grade student. This is a difficult process, as there is often more than one deserving student.

The criteria for selection used by the SJHS Art Department includes: number of Art classes taken at SJHS, excellence of work produced, mastery of a variety of Art media, citizenship, and leadership. Winners chosen over the past several years include:

2023: Petra Bellis (Other Nominees: Harmony Bailey, Emily Davis, Lilly Oldham, Bella Smith, Amelie Abegg, Lucy Halladay)

2022: Alexandra Youngblood (Other Nominees: Taylor Lawrenson, Ben Cisneros).

2021: Tay Kim (Other Nominees: Leah Fowler, Marissa Lee, Sierra Savage).

2020: Bella Norris (Other Nominees: Megan Bezzant, Meg Nelson, Christian Schofield).

2019: Noemie Lambert-Houde (Other Nominees: Jordin Heiner, Zoe Marchant, Abby Merritt, Jez Williamson).

2018: Brooke Mayfield (Other Nominees: Brooklyn Bowden, Ella Byington, Savy Kimball, Callie Lansford, Kaitlyn Morris).

2017: Jennalee Calvin (Other Nominees: Leslie Larson, Alexa Smith).

2016: Gwen Skriner (Other Nominees: Katelin Johnson, Sara Davies).

2015: Sydney Abbott (Other Nominees: Chance Heap, Emma Price, Aurora Abner, Hannah Harlan, Aurora Gatewood).

2014: Bracken Spencer (Other Nominees: Lisa Stoneham, Savannah Steed).

2013: Kim Grice (Other Nominees: Baylee Shupe).

2012: Farrell Brown

2011: Gina Eastes

2010: Jason Gomez

2009: Anna Tropnikova (Other Nominees: Lexi Argyle, Mikenzee Heidrich, Mikey Steinke, Meredith Summers).

2008: Hailey Lancaster (Other Nominees: Alex Suzuki).

2007: Ryan Brown (Other Nominees: Madison Bradford, Maddie Sorenson, Tianna Tu).

2006: Jessica Saunders (Other Nominees: Samantha Casey).

2005: Kayleigh Skinner (Other Nominees: Joe Walker).

2004: Lexi Casey (Other Nominees: Ella Bingham, Ryan Hunter).

2003: Cara Krebs (Other Nominees: Duke Brandley, Shantell Farris, Heidi King, Billy Phifer).

2002: Sara Sorenson

2001: Aubrey Asper

2000: Chris Clark / Scott Jensen

District Art Show Award Winners

Each spring the Davis County School District holds an Art Show in conjunction with the Bountiful Davis Art Center. Below is a list of award winners from Syracuse Junior High. For the list I am going off some old emails and my memory. If I’ve left your name off the list, I apologize. Please contact me.

Anastasia Senkel

Callie Fong

Coral Gold

Emma Price

Gina Eastes

Jennalee Calvin

Kaylie Butler

Kaytlin Whitesides

Megan Chandler

Noemie Lambert-Houde

Sydney Abbott

Talia Gallegos

Tay Kim (two awards)

Visual Arts Sterling Scholars

For scholarship and achievement in creative expression in one or more of the following areas: drawing, artistic photography, commercial art, mixed media, graphic art, painting, sculpture and related fields. The nominee may have demonstrated professional potential in one or more disciplines, contributed outstanding service to the school and successfully competed in district and state art shows.

Former SJHS Students, Taught by Mr. Calvin, Who Won the Visual Arts Sterling Scholar Award for Their High School:

2019: Katelin Johnson, Syracuse High School

2018: Aurora Gatewood, Clearfield High School

2017: Becca Flory, Syracuse High School

2016: Kim Grice, Syracuse High School

2012: Anna Tropnikova, Clearfield High School, Regional Finalist

2012: Matthew Bean, Layton High School

2011: Lacee Anderson, Clearfield High School

2011: Amy Beeston, Syracuse High School

2010: Madison Bradford, Clearfield High School

2010: Maddie Sorenson, Syracuse High School

2009: Samantha Casey, Layton High School

2008: Kayleigh Skinner, Layton High School

2007: Ella Bingham, Clearfield High School

2007: Lexi Casey, Layton High School

2006: Cara Krebs, Clearfield High School, Regional Finalist

2004: Aubrey Asper, Clearfield High School, Regional Finalist

2003: Chris Clark, Clearfield High School