Below is a non-comprehensive collection of artwork from artists that I admire. Some are from the past, some are from the present, and some are former students.

Beeston, Amy A student at SJHS from 2005-2008. She was chosen as the Art Sterling Scholar for Syracuse High School in 2011. This page is a collection of some of her work done at BYU-I.

Blackham, Aubrey Asper A student at SJHS from 1998-2001. She was chosen as our “Artist of the Year” in 2001. She graduated from BYU-I with a degree in art. You can view her website and her Instagram for a updates on her current projects.

Blair, Preston Author of the classic 1947 edition of the book "Animation," published by Walter Foster. For those interested in drawing for animation, his book is a must-have. This page includes high resolution scans taken from the original 1947 edition.

Bloch, Carl A Danish artist who lived in the nineteenth-century and is most famous for his artwork depicting the life of Jesus Christ.

Bonner, Paul An English artist who works primarily in the fantasy, mythology, and gaming genres.

Call, Greg An American illustrator most well known for his cover illustrations for the "Peter and the Starcatchers" series.

Calvert, Darren A Canadian designer and illustrator. This page includes his pen and marker illustrations of Marvel Comics' characters, A to Z.

Calvin, Jennalee My daughter's artwork. She had the courage (that her other siblings did not, nor would I have had) to come from outside the boundaries of Syracuse Junior High to attend my art classes from 2014-2017.

Calvin, Jennalee My daughter's drawings and studies from her sketchbook.

Calvin, Jennalee My daughter’s Instagram.

Casey, Samantha A student at SJHS from 2003-2006. She was chosen as the Art Sterling Scholar for Layton High School in 2009.

Character Design Reference A Pinterest page that has a wealth of information for character design and illustration. Among the various groupings are those for anatomy, costumes, vehicles, animals. This is a page you should definitely bookmark if you have a need for any type of illustration reference.

Christensen, James C. A Utah-based artist who "paints the fantastic," and taught for 20 years at BYU. This page includes images, two articles from the "Deseret News," and notes that I took at one of his presentations.

Clark, Matt A classmate of mine from 1980-1987.

Clemmer, Lauryn Jensen A student at SJH from 2002-2005. She currently does custom artwork and illustration which is available on

Compton, Doug (Karmatoons) A series of lesson pages by Doug Compton (Karmatoons) for student artists interested in classical animation drawing. The pages describe how to construct figures from simple, three-dimensional forms and much more.

CreatureBox A collection of monsters and creatures designed by Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin of

De Seve, Peter An American illustrator most famous for his work for the "New Yorker" magazine, as well as for character designs for the "Ice Age" movies. The page also includes a link to a .pdf which describes his technique in detail.

Dixon, Heather A student at SJHS from 1994-1997. She currently works as an animation director, and has been a storyboard artist, and a story lead for Disney Interactive. She has some excellent drawing lessons on YouTube and sells prints of her artwork on Etsy.

Etherington, Lorenzo Creator of the popular online encyclopedia of free drawing tutorials, "How to Think When you Draw."

Frazetta, Frank A legendary American fantasy artist.

Friberg, Arnold An American artist and illustrator famous for his depictions of scenes from the Book of Mormon, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, scenes from Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 film "The Ten Commandments," and scenes from the American West.

Gerard, Justin An American illustrator who has done some fantastic illustrations and character design for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, as well as for other works of mythology, fairy-tales, and folklore.

Gerard, Justin Eight Pro Tips for Drawing Dragons.

Gordon, Emily An American realist who graduated from BYU in 2001 with a degree in Illustration. After working for a few years she began an apprenticeship with artist William Whitaker in 2007. This page includes her work from her apprenticeship, along with others.

Gurney, James An American author and illustrator whoose works include "Dinotopia," "Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist," and "Color and Light." His blog is a daily dose of art education and inspiration.

Gustafson, Scott An American illustrator well-known for his work with literary classics, fairy tales, Mother Goose, fantasy, animals, and Christmas.

Gustafson, Scott A link to Scott Gustafson's "Methods" page (thumbnail, rough, value study, reference, preliminary rough, final drawing, color rough, imprimatura, underpainting, and final painting).

Heidrich, Mikenzze “Howie” A student at SJHS from 2006-2009. She sells artwork at conventions and on etsy as mhowiestudio.

Hein, Jeff A Utah-based artist who owns the Hein Academy of Art in Salt Lake City and offers "classical training to aspiring artists."

Hildebrandt, Greg and Tim The Brothers Hildebrandt were twins who often worked together. They're most well known for the original 1977 "Star Wars" poster, their illustrations for the Tolkien Calendars of 1976, 1977, and 1978, and their illustrations for "The Sword of Shannara."

Huber, Linda An artist who specializes in realistic pencil drawing. This is a link to her "Drawing Tips" page.

Jensen, Scott A student at SJHS from 1997-2000. He was chosen as the SJH “Artist of the Year” in 2000, received a degree from Weber State University in Graphic Design, and now works in the graphic design field.

Kincaid, Kim A Utah-based fantasy and portrait artist, recently deceased, who maintained a fascinating and oft-updated blog that detailed her artistic journey, techniques, and process.

Krebs, Cara A student at SJHS from 2000-2003. She was chosen as the Art Sterling Scholar for Clearfield High School in 2006.

Leyendecker, JC A giant among those of the "Golden Age of Illustration," he was admired by Norman Rockwell and became a friend and mentor to him. This page includes some of his "Saturday Evening Post" covers, as well as a few other miscellaneous illustrations. Also, there's a brief article about Leyendecker by Charley Parker, and some quotes about Leyendecker's method courtesy of James Gurney.

Meseldzija, Petar A Serbian illustrator and painter who currently lives and works in the Netherlands. His book "The Legend of Steel Bashaw" (which he wrote and illustrated) is a tour de force of creativity, fantasy, and oil paint.

Nielsen, Terese A fantasy artist most well-known for her work for the trading cardgame, "Magic: The Gathering," work for "Star Wars," and more. This page includes a summary of her methods, and links to her official sites.

Parson, Leon My figure drawing professor at Ricks College from January to April 1987. The page includes a few of my memories of his class, a drawing of mine that he drew on and fixed, a couple of interviews, many of his artworks, and a link to his official site.

Perkins, Vaughn My art teacher at Davis High from 1983-1986. This page includes a photograph of him, a couple of his artworks, and links to his obituary, a gallery of photos from his life, and a slideshow of his life.

Pyle, Howard Known as the "Father of American Illustration," and not only was he an artist and art teacher, but also a writer. He wrote and illustrated stories about Robin Hood, King Arthur, and pirates.

Richmond, Tom A Minnesota-based artist who works for "Mad" magazine, and who specializes in caricatures and humorous illustration. This page includes a response of his to my question about what art skills young artists need, as well as links to his web site, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Rockwell, Norman One of the great American illustrators of the 2oth century, and his illustrations of the "good ol' days" are unforgettable.

Rockwell, Norman A page that has images of a few of his illustrations of Santa Claus.

Roundy, Steve My art teacher at Kaysville Junior High School from 1979-1982. This page includes his creative monsters, demonstration drawings from still-life, and more.

Saderup, Gary An American artist who specializes in charcoal portraits of celebrities and historical figures.

Schell, Jordu A sculptor and character designer based in California. He has done extensive work in the film industry and his credits include "Avatar," "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian," "300," "Hellboy," and others. This page includes art from his "Monster of the Day" blog.

Schmitzer, David A collection of his creative monster portraits.

Shupe, Baylee A students at SJHS from 2010-2013.

Suzuki, Alex A student at SJHS from 2005-2008. He currently does various types of freelance artwork, and this link will take you to his Facebook Page where he has posted many examples.

Sweet, Darrell An American artist who illustrated part of the 1981 Tolkien Calendar, all of the 1982 Tolkien Calendar, and numerous book covers. During his career he worked primarily in the fantasy and science fiction genre.

Tedjamulia, Shantell Farris (Official Site) A student at SJHS from 2000-2003. This is a link to her official web site.

Tedjamulia, Shantell Farris (Unofficial Site) A student at SJHS from 2000-2003. This is an unofficial collection of her work ranging from junior high, high school, college, and beyond.

Vandruff, Marshall An Art instructor at Fullerton College in California. He is one of the great drawing "scientists" of our time. I consider his video, "How to Draw Monsters" and his DVD "How to Draw Animals," to be the best "How to Draw..." videos / DVDs that I have ever seen. Sadly, both titles are very hard to find.

Whitaker, William (1943-2018) An American artist and teacher. He taught at BYU for a number of years and then mentored a number of aspiring artists at his personal studio.

Wyeth, NC An American artist and illustrator and was part of the Golden Age of American Illustration. He illustrated 112 books, including such classics as "Treasure Island," "Kidnapped," "The Last of the Mohicans," "King Arthur," "Robin Hood," "Robinson Crusoe," and many others.

Youngblood, Alexandra A student at SJHS from 2019-2022. She was chosen as the SJHS Artist of the Year in 2022.