Notes from Rose Datoc Dall's Portrait Painting Demonstration

Lunch and Learn Portrait Demonstration by Rose Datoc Dall, Deseret Book, December 14, 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah.

I attended a "Lunch and Learn" portrait demonstration by Rose Datoc Dall on December 14, 2013 at Deseret Book in Salt Lake City, Utah. I found her to extremely friendly, personable, enthusiastic, humble, and self-deprecating. She set up a live model, and gave a portrait painting demonstration. She explained her process, took questions, and stopped to sign prints -- all at the same time. A true multi-tasker.

A few notes that I made:

-To get a likeness, draw from the same point of view.

-Uses maquettes and often sculpts her own models to use as drawing and painting reference.

-Uses "oil bars" for quick coverage, uses oil bars from R&F Pigments.

-Hard edges -- she likes them.

-Works form the outside in.

-Scans back and forth to get a likeness.

-Angled brushes -- edges and control.

-Squint to simplify.

-Dark / Medium / Light.

-No black.

-Step back.

-Takes pictures of art in progress.

-Uses a mirror to reveal distortions.

Below is her ad for the eveƮt, a photo I took during her demonstration, and a drawing I made during the demonstration.



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