Notes from Jeff Hein's Unveiling of "Consumed"

Jeff Hein Demonstration and the Unveiling of “Consumed,” March 12, 2010, Salt Lake City, Utah.

On Friday, March 12, 2010, I attended a demonstration by Salt Lake City artist, Jeff Hein. At this event he drew a charcoal portrait and unveiled his latest painting, “Consumed,” which you can see below. Here are a few observations:

I loved entering his studio and being hit in the face with the smell of oil paint. Nothing smells more like “art” than oil paint.

Jeff Hein also teaches at his studio and various student works-in-progress were on display. Presumably, in the exact place where the students work on them. I was pleased to see quite a bit of work done from still-life arrangements and casts. In addition, many life drawing were posted on the walls. It was readily apparent that Jeff Hein believes in working from life, and in accurate representation of what the artist sees.

I loved looking at his collection of “casts.” I saw busts and casts of various other body parts. They were white, and appeared to have been used and handled. It’s good to know that others believe in the importance in drawing form three-dimensional objects, instead of just photographs.

I came primarily to watch Jeff Hein draw, along with maybe one hundred other people. I was impressed that he used two hands at once: Jeff Hein is left-handed and in his left hand he held a piece of charcoal, in his right hand a paper stump blender or kneaded eraser. It was fascinating to see him use both hands at the same time. I’m right handed and have never been able to use my left hand for anything other than to hold my paper to keep it from moving.

I absolutely loved that at the beginning he asked us to be quiet while he drew. Drawing takes tremendous concentration, and I’ve always been annoyed by talkative artists or students. I find that I can talk and draw at the same time when what I’m doing is simple or easy. But when it becomes complicated, I stop talking, so that my mind can focus on the task at hand. It was nice to know that Jeff Hein feels the same way.

As to his procedure, Jeff Hein began with an eye and worked outward. At the end of his demonstration, he had a very nice likeness.

Refreshments were provided and they were great.

Below is Jeff Hein’s painting, “Consumed.” It’s huge, measuring eight feet tall and six feet wide. It won the “Juror’s First Place Award” at the Springville Museum of Art’s Spring Salon in 2010. He painted this from a still-life arrangement that was at the studio for all to see. This means that every painted object you see below was real and arranged in the way you see it below. A truly monumental undertaking.



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