Notes from a Lecture by Scott Gustafson

December 4, 2009, Farmington, Utah.

• Web Site:

• Hometown: Chicago

• Occupation: Freelance Illustrator

• Influences:

    Warner Bros. Cartoons

    Disney’s “Pinocchio”

    J.C. Leyendecker

    Norman Rockwell

    N.C. Wyeth

    Howard Pyle

    John Tenniel

    Arthur Rackham

• Illustrated books mentioned in lecture:

    Peter Pan

    Pinocchio (never completed).

    The Night Before Christmas (Built reindeer maquette to observe perspective of differently positioned reindeer.)

    Counting Book

    Alphabet Book

    Nursery Rhymes (Mother Goose)

    Classic Fairy Tales

• LOTR  / The Hobbit note: Completed two LOTR painting (“Bilbo’s Door, “ “The Unexpected Party”). Refused additional illustration assignments on Tolkien’s works because of the time and complexities involved in the illustrations.

• Methods:

    Reference Books.

    Models (photographic reference).

    Uses copy machine to re-size / re-position elements within an illustration.

    Small color roughs.

    Masonite coated with Gesso.

    Matte medium.

    Acrylic stain (raw sienna).


    Background first; works back to front (characters live in the background).

    Final painting in oil.

• Slides of influences, and slides of works from beginning to finish (Alice in Wonderland).