Terese Nielsen


The official web site of Terese Nielsen: http://www.tnielsen.com/

The blog of Terese Nielsen: http://teresenielsen.typepad.com

Terese Nielsen is a graduate of Ricks College (she was there at the same time I was, although we were not acquainted) and of Art Center College of Design. She is a freelance fantasy artist and has done artwork for the trading cardgame, "Magic: The Gathering," work for "Star Wars," and more.

The following is a summary of her technique and process:

1. Preliminary pencil drawings on Strathmore Tracing Paper.

2. Drawings are scanned using a Umax PowerLook 2100XL.

3. After scanning, the drawing is printed out on Epson Fine Art Velvet  Paper using an Epson archival printer.

4. The print is then soaked in water, in an over-size sink, for 3-4 minutes.

5. The drawing is then wet-stretched and stapled onto a piece of drywall, and then allowed to dry. The wet-stretch method prevents warping and buckling.

6. The borders are then taped off using 3M 230 Drafting Tape.

7. Light washes of mostly transparent acrylic to tone the surface.

8. Acrylic.

9. Pens / Ink.

10. Oil (before painting in oil, covers acrylic with Gloss Medium, and puts the oils on top).

11. In case acrylics are needed on top of oil, a few layers of Crystal Clear are applied first.

11. Airbrush.

12. Colored Pencils.

13. Gold Leaf.