Commercial Art

The Commercial curriculum at SJHS is designed to build upon principles, procedures, and techniques learned in Art 1 and in Art 2. Units include drawing with simplified shapes, still-life drawing, grid drawing, drawing from imagination, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and oil painting. In addition, many assignments are simply given as an idea, or as a concept, and then the students create an art proejct within the idea's or concept's framework. Students will need to be creative, finding their own reference, and coming up with their own ideas; coming up with a creative solution to the idea or concept.

The images on this page represent the assignments used to build the student's skills in the units just mentioned. However, there are more examples than time would allow to be completed in a semester class. In some cases, because of time constraints, the student will needs to choose between assignments.

Please click on the image to see it larger, and to see a brief description.

famousartistpatchy copy
cartbb copy
cartdd copy
cartmermaid copy
carttinkerbell copy
cartbatman copy
lotrorcsuzuki copy
gomezmonster2 copy
maiafowleracrylicdragon copy 2
bayleeshupeself copy
grantpattanneofbrit copy 2
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winniechowskull copy