Videos - Misc

Video demonstrations done for my junior high art classes, as well as other videos collected and used for instruction and information.

Beckert, Wylie

"Painting Process: Tam Lin"

Busch, Matt

"Illustrating Obama"

"MACA: Creative Imaging & Illustration"

Cartoon Animals

Chickens, Roosters, Cows



"Sketchbook Zombies"

Dixon, Heather

“Dixon Drawing Class” (24 episodes of drawing instruction on using simples, sketching, color-blocking, using thumbnails, using digital tools, etc.)

Hein, Jeff


Miracola, Jeff

Constructive Drawing

"Ghost Warrior," Mixed Media Sketch

Jeff Miracola's YouTube Channel

"Mars Attacks," Oil Painting Technique

"Medusa," Mixed Media Sketch

"Red Devil," Mixed Media Sketch

"Screaming Orc," Mixed Media Sketch

"Winged Wraith," Acrylic Painting Technique

Ostrom, Bob




Parker, Jake


Dragon, Art School, Art Education Advice

How to Draw Hands

Jake Parker's YouTube Channel

Lava Monster


Robot Warrior

Sketchbook Walk Through

Partridge, Kirsty

YouTube Channel Video tutorial subjects include drawing and painting using colored pencils, charcoal, markers, and watercolors. In addition there are video tutorials on art career / business subjects, as well as art products reviews. She’s English and her accent is mesmerizing.

Prokopenko, Stan

Halloween Episode: Spheres & Pumpkins

Head, Part 1

Head, Part 2

Head, Part 3

Head, Part 4

How to Hold and Control Your Pencil