Grading Introduction

Access to Student Grades through myDSD

I've been teaching Art for twenty-seven years at SJH, and during that time grading is a topic that has come up with some frequency. So, I've organized some of my thoughts about grading into the areas you see below. At this point, I'm unwilling to engage parents or students in a debate about this topic. Instead, I ask that concerned parties read all that I've written, using the links below, and then take one of the following three courses of action:

1. Just endure it. The experience will only last for 45 class periods.

2. Transfer out. There is another art teacher at SJHS, and you may find her grading philosophy more agreeable. Also, there are many other "arts" electives, or general electives that will fill the slot.

3. Ask for a Pass / Fail grade, instead of a letter grade. This will not adversely affect a student's GPA. I do ask that students complete ALL assignments before this option is requested. This option must be requested by the parent, not the student.

If you'd care to browse the student artwork produced under my system, many examples can be seen on this site.

Class Assignment Examples

Art 1

Art 2

Commercial Art

Class Assignment Examples by Category

Acrylic Paintings

Characters (Disney, Marvel, DC, Warner Bros., etc.)


End-of-the-Year Art Slideshows

Exploding Spheres

Mythological Beasts

Oil Paintings

Pencil Shading



Self-Portraits, Acrylic


T-Rex Skin Patterns

Warrior Logos

Word Illustrations