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James Gurney, "Nighttime Liftoff"

At times a student might think that the creation of an illustration is a moment in time, wherein an artist magically creates an image on a canvas out of nothing. However, it is much more likely that an illustration is a process that involves several steps including thumbnail sketches, rough drafts, color rough drafts, and finally a final draft.

James Gurney, the author and illustrator of “ Dinotopia,” demonstrates these step on his blog for his illustration, “Nighttime Liftoff,” done in July 2009. Below are included several of his posted images that illustrate the process. More detailed explanations, more images, and some YouTube video clips may be found on his blog by searching for “Utopiales,” the links are also included below. Enjoy.


Utopiales Poster, Part 1

Utopiales Poster, Part 2

Utopiales Poster, Part 3

Utopiales Poster, Part 4

Utopiales Poster, Part 5

Utopiales Poster, Part 6

Utopiales Poster, Part 7